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Simplifying Probate With A Well-Designed Estate Plan

Many factors may cause adults to put off creating estate plan: fear of confronting mortality, uncertainty of the process, and anxiety over taking on a daunting task. When an individual dies intestate, or without a legal will, Georgia courts will not be concerned with why this task was left uncompleted. What matters to the court is that there are no instructions for transferring assets and paying off debts.

At The Law Offices of Zachary J Burkhalter, PC, in Rome, we are familiar with the state’s solution to this problem because we have advised clients confronting complex probate matters. It is a costly, impersonal and time-consuming process. Rather than allowing a trusted individual to gather assets and divide them according to the wishes of the deceased, the probate court selects an administrator to manage the affairs of the estate. Beneficiaries may see their inheritance depleted to pay court fees, taxes and debts.

The estate planning process assists clients and their family in saving time and conserving money after a loved one passes away. Most importantly, the emotional turmoil that often accompanies this time and the following processes could be greatly lessened by having these plans in place ahead of time.

Guided by attorney Zachary Burkhalter, our legal staff understands that estate planning may be a stressful undertaking. That is why we approach this matter with care and deliberation. From our first meeting until we finalize your plan, we will work alongside you to explain your options and educate you on the ramifications of your decisions. If you are well-informed, you can make choices that best address your family’s circumstances.

Providing Knowledgeable Counsel For A Range Of Estate Concerns

When you meet with our staff, we will help identify the best solution for your estate administration needs. Our estate and probate lawyer can facilitate the process associated with these matters:

  • Last will and testament
  • Gun trust
  • Contested estates
  • Locating estate assets
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship
  • Power of attorney
  • Advance directive for health care
  • Durable power of attorney

Attorney Zach Burkhalter’s extensive knowledge of estate and probate law helps him to address his clients’ needs and concerns in the area of estate and probate litigation. Zach has helped numerous clients navigate highly contested estate matters and has a reputation for successfully litigating even the most complex estate issues.

Partnering with our firm during this brief time can have a long-term benefit of promoting your peace of mind and minimizing your loved ones’ stress in the future.

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