We Defend Your Rights After A Drug-Related Arrest

At The Law Offices of Zachary J Burkhalter, PC, we provide strategic defense against drug charges. With 19 years of experience, we understand how to build a strong defense. This is especially true when your Fourth Amendment rights were violated and police lacked probable cause for searching your home or car.

Whether you face charges related to marijuana, methamphetamine, opioids or some other narcotic, our attorney will defend you in drug crime cases that involve:

  • Possession
  • Possession with the intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking

We also provide defense for DUI charges related to drug use.

Is Drug Court An Option?

In some cases, there are distinct advantages to pleading in Georgia drug court. For a first offense, pleading guilty in drug court could allow you to keep a clean record while you work through a strict probationary program.

While your charges will be dropped upon successful completion of the program, you will be subjected to:

  • Regular drug testing
  • Multiple court appearances
  • Mandatory treatment
  • Required counseling

However, depending on your circumstances, over the course of one year or more this intensive program might actually be more challenging than the consequences you would otherwise receive if convicted. Although maintaining a clean record due to the completion of this program may seem like your best option, this is not necessarily always the case.

Determine Which Choice Is Best For You

We will examine your charges and the circumstances under which you were arrested to help you determine the best course of action for favorable results. If drug court is the optimal route for you to take, our criminal defense lawyer will help you get into the program and educate you about how you can succeed.

Zachary Burkhalter has helped numerous clients from Rome and surrounding communities find favorable solutions to drug charges. Call 706-290-9037 today to begin building your defense strategy. If you prefer, you may email us to schedule your free initial consultation. Se habla Español.