We Help You Fight Your Criminal Accusations

No matter the level of your criminal charge, a conviction could send you to jail and leave you with consequences that will follow you for the rest of your life. Having a criminal background can affect your educational opportunities, employment options and housing arrangements, not to mention the impact it could have on your family.

Facing those charges with a dedicated criminal defense attorney can help you secure the best possible resolution.

The Law Offices of Zachary J Burkhalter, PC, represents clients throughout northwest Georgia from our convenient location in Rome. With 19 years of experience defending the rights of the accused, we provide skilled litigation services. We will use the law to fight for favorable results in your case.

Defending Your Rights In Criminal Matters

Whether you are a suspect in a homicide, allegedly violated probation or were accused of stalking, our lawyer will work with you to determine your best course of action. With proven strategy for both bench and jury trials, we provide defense for matters that include:

  • Drug-related offenses — possession, manufacturing and trafficking
  • Violent crimes — assault and battery, kidnapping and armed robbery
  • Domestic violence — physical, psychological, sexual and emotional
  • Traffic violations — tickets, DUI charges and commercial driver’s license (CDL) offenses

We also handle matters involving domestic violence, disorderly conduct and arson.

Start Your Defense Today

A criminal record will stay with you forever. However, you do not have to accept defeat. A free initial consultation can help you determine what your options are for fighting the charges you face.

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