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What does it mean to face disorderly conduct charges in Georgia?

Some offenses that individuals face encompass different actions instead of just one. For instance, disorderly conduct charges here in Georgia could mean any number of things whereas a DUI charge involves accusations of impairment while driving. In this case, it would help to understand what offenses fall under disorderly conduct in order to avoid them or to know more about the charges a particular person faces.

For instance, disorderly conduct here in Georgia could mean making unreasonable noise, disturbing the peace or some other public safety violation such as loitering, fighting or inciting a riot. Even though different behaviors fall under this category, some similarities include acting in a violent manner toward someone else that results in harm to another's property or causes fear in another person. Using words to provoke violence also falls under this offense. Using vulgar or obscene language when talking to a child under the age of 14 could also lead to these charges.

Georgia court makes a landmark shift in DUI law

In February, the Georgia Supreme Court handed down a major unanimous decision in favor of the rights of motorists pulled over by police. The justices ordered that either the state amend its constitution or lawmakers revamp procedures for DUI stops.

The resulting legislation, now Georgia law, is the biggest change to the state’s DUI laws in years.

Filing a personal injury claim after a serious car accident

The last thing you remembered was traveling down a Georgia road without incident. The next thing you experienced was a violent jolt that seemed to last forever and happened in an instant -- all at the same time. By the time your vehicle came to a stop, it still probably took you some time to realize you were just in a car accident.

When emergency responders arrived, they took you to an area hospital. The shock may not have allowed you to realize the extent of your injuries. All you knew was that you were in pain and in need of medical care. It may have taken days for you to understand how serious your injuries really were.

Should you refuse a Breathalyzer test?

After a casual night out with friends in Rome, you suddenly see flashing red and blue lights behind your vehicle. You anxiously pull over, trying to frantically recall everything you know about what to do during a DUI traffic stop. Should you consent to taking any breath or chemical tests?

Getting a DUI in Georgia can lead to steep penalties, even for first-time offenders. The Supreme Court of Georgia ruled in early 2019 that prosecutors can no longer use the refusal of a breath test against drivers in criminal court cases. However, does this mean that refusing a Breathalyzer test is in your best interests?

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